Anti-Arpaio Facebook Group Founder Says He Ain't Afraid of No Joe

The founder of an anti-Joe Arpaio Facebook group that recently posted on its page a map to the sheriff's house, as well as a satellite image of his property, says he's not afraid of the big, bad sheriff.

Devin Fleenor, a graduate student at Arizona State University, says he's not worried about being hunted down by Arpaio for allowing the map to appear on the Facebook page because he feels he did nothing wrong.

"I don't think I did anything illegal. The good thing is that I took the map down," Fleenor says. "I don't think I should be afraid, should I?"

In any other county, we would say no. However, this isn't any other county and Joe's jails aren't gonna fill themselves.

Joe caught wind of the map and said he alerted his security detail about the group, so it's safe to say Fleenor and his group are at least on the sheriff's radar.


Fleenor, however, isn't the one who posted the map on the group's Facebook page and insists that the group is intended only for discussion on how to get Arpaio out of office via the voting booth.

"I have nothing against the guy personally," he says. "He has a right to privacy at his home and nobody should be threatening him. We just want him out of office."

Fleenor says that if the sheriff does come a-knockin', he's not sure what he'd do.

"I don't know -- I'd have to call a lawyer, maybe go to jail. I'd just try and make sure there was someone filming it," he says.

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