Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Rumor of the Day: How About Sticking With Kevin Kolb?

For perhaps the first time this week, the sports-reporting world managed to go a day without spreading a rumor involving the Arizona Cardinals acquiring a quarterback.

In the absence of a quarterback rumor, how about the guy who's already on the Cardinals -- Kevin Kolb?

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Arizona Republic columnist Bob Young gave a pretty light endorsement -- but an apparent endorsement nonetheless -- of keeping Kolb as the quarterback, which probably wouldn't be the worst decision in the world for the team.

In the 2012 festival of suck known as the Cardinals season, Kolb actually didn't do that bad at all, when he played.

In the first game, John Skelton -- who had been named the starter at the beginning of the season -- got injured, and Kolb came in and threw what ended up being the game-winning TD pass.

Kolb then won three of the next four games as the starting quarterback. In the sixth game, Skelton was deemed healthy enough to play, but Kolb started -- then he ended up getting injured. Skelton set up the game-winning field goal for the Bills in overtime, thanks to an interception.

Kolb was then out for the season, and three other quarterbacks took turns losing nine games in 10 tries.

According to our New Times reader polls, nobody really likes the quarterbacks who have been involved in rumors with the Cardinals.

The only one people seemed to like, Alex Smith, was traded away to the Kansas City Chiefs.

So, how about it? Should the Cardinals just stick with Kolb?

Cast your vote below:

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