Arizona Cardinals' Ronald Talley Accused of Piercing Guy's Skull With Champagne Bottle

To answer the question about what Arizona Cardinals players do in the off-season -- it varies.

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald did a bunch of stuff, including going on a hike through the Amazon and starring in a public-service announcement to help raise awareness about an ongoing drought in Africa.

Defensive end Ronald Talley, on the other hand, is being accused of smashing a champagne bottle over some guy's head at a bar, and piercing his head with the shards of glass.

A lawsuit filed by a guy named Ronald Ford alleges Talley smacked him in the head with the bottle as he was coming back from the bathroom at a Michigan bar in March.

Bar employees are also tagged in the lawsuit, as Ford's attorneys claim they "dragged [him]...out of the bar head first and left him for dead."

The lawsuit claims Ford took glass shards to the head, and now suffers from physical pain, emotional trauma, "constant blacking out," grayed vision, memory loss, and a loss of wages.

According to the lawsuit, it took 13 stitches to sew up Ford's head.

The lawsuit contends Talley consumed the bottle of champagne before allegedly landing it on Ford's head, and Ford's attorneys claim their client "was enjoying [his] night out" before the incident.

Ford's also suing the bar, claiming -- among other things -- that Talley should never have been served that bottle of champagne that allegedly landed on/in his head.

Talley, a second-year player, saw action in six games last year, and recorded a grand total of two tackles.

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