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Arizona Dems Unveil "Brewer's Jobs Plan" Complete With Reminder to "Call Greta"

Just two days after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer unveiled her plan to stimulate economic growth, the Arizona Democratic Party has an alternative version of Jan's plan -- which is handwritten on the governor's stationary with the title "My Jobs Plan."

Of course, Brewer didn't actually write the plan -- it's satire compliments of the ADP -- but it's funny and worth a look.

Check it out after the jump.

The Dems were even sure to throw a reminder at the top of the page to "call Greta" -- referring, of course, to the fact that Brewer seems to have spent about as much time hammin' it up with her new BFF, Fox News' Greta VanSusteren, in recent months as she has actually governing.

ADP spokeswoman Jennifer Johnson tells the New Times that the spoof is in direct response to the plan Brewer unveiled on Tuesday to create what the governor is calling the Arizona Commerce Authority.

Brewer says the new board is designed to develop strategies to add high-paying jobs in Arizona, and she's designated $10 million in federal stimulus money for that purpose.

"Today sends a message to the world. Arizona is serious about business," Brewer said Tuesday.

Johnson, however, says the plan sounds like a lot of bark with not a whole lot of bite.

"So far, her plan has generated a giant, fake check and a 30-member board of directors," Johnson says. "And it may not even go before the Legislature until next year. Arizonans in the unemployment line won't take much comfort from a plan like this."

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