Arizona Ranked 13th-Best State to Be a Taxpayer

Next time you complain about taxes, remember that people in most other states have it worse.

According to one analysis of various state and local taxes, Arizona's the 13th-best state to be a taxpayer.

For this comparison the website WalletHub took into account real estate taxes, state and local income taxes, vehicle property taxes, vehicle sales taxes, sales and use taxes, fuel taxes, alcohol taxes, food taxes, and telecom taxes around the country, using a standardized tax burden to see how much the "average American" pays in such taxes around the country.

Wyoming, Alaska, and Nevada are the best places to be, as for as taxes. In fact, the top seven states were the seven states that have no state income tax.

So, for states that have a state income tax, Arizona's taxes are sixth-best.

Arizona's best showings were in local income taxes, auto property tax, and food tax, which Arizona doesn't have. (Phoenix, however, has its own food tax that isn't accounted for in this comparison.)

Arizona also has one of the lowest gas taxes in the country, at around 37 cents per gallon.

Find more information on the comparison here.

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