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Arizona Secretary of State Reports 631,000 Ballots Uncounted (w/Updates)

The Arizona Secretary of State is reporting that "as of Thursday afternoon, there are an estimated 631,274 early and provisional ballots" yet to be processed statewide.

Seems some counties, like Mohave and Yavapai, didn't report their numbers yesterday.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that the SOS's totals do not include the update made as of yesterday to Maricopa County's totals. A county's totals are usually the most accurate for that county. The SOS gets its numbers from the county.

Nor does this new total include today's update from the Maricopa County's recorder's Office, which we should receive any time now.

SOS spokesperson Matt Roberts explained that he had not received an update yesterday from county elections, so the SOS total does not reflect the current numbers from the largest county in the state.

He did say that the number should go down from today on, though, as more ballots are counted.

Stay tuned for the county's upcoming update. The notice from Bennett's office also included the following correction from yesterday:

Voters who cast a "conditional provisional" ballot (individuals had insufficient identification when they went to vote at a polling place) have five business days, or until the end of Wednesday, Nov. 14, to return to their county elections office with proper ID.

***Yesterday we erroneously stated the deadline for voters who cast a provisional conditional ballot to provide ID was Nov. 13. The date is actually November 14, due to Veterans Day.***

I know a lot of folks impatient for this to be over. As I said on Facebook recently, emulate the British in WWII. Keep calm, carry on.

I've seen races fluctuate in the past, the Republican primary race between Tom Horne and Andrew Thomas for AG being one. This isn't the first time there's been uncertainty following an election. Won't be the last.

Let the elections workers do their jobs. If you want to watch them do their jobs from eight camera angles, read my colleague Matt Hendley's latest blog post.

UPDATE 6:28 PM: Just received this from the county, "Maricopa County Recorder, Helen Purcell, is reporting another update for the 2012 General Election. Today 62,641 early ballots have been tabulated and approximately 116,000 provisional ballots will be processed for tabulation Approximately 237,359 early ballots remain to be processed for tabulation."

Also, these are the updated Penzone vs. Arpaio votes from the county:

REP - ARPAIO, JOE* 517516 52.18 DEM - PENZONE, PAUL 430156 43.37 IND - STAUFFER, MIKE 44158 4.45

Sorry, true believers, but, again, there's very little movement. Currently, Joe's up by 87,360, an 8.81 spread.

UPDATE 11/9/12 8:10 AM:

I neglected to post this last night, but here are the latest numbers for Carmona vs. Flake from the Arizona Secretary of State:

CARMONA(D) 797,019 45.51% FLAKE(R) 875,794 50.01% VICTOR(LBT) 76,679 4.38%

The difference between the two men now is about the same as it was Wednesday afternoon. Currently 78,775 votes separate them, a 4.5 percent spread for Flake.

Still, there are well more than half a million votes left to be counted. This contest apparently remains in play, for now.

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