Arizona State University and Nike Unveil New-Look Sun Devils; Sparky Gets Demoted
ASU's new logo and typeface

​Fear the fork -- Arizona State University's longtime devlish mascot, Sparky, is taking the backseat to a pitchfork as A-State's logo, just one change in a series of new athletic looks unveiled by the school today.


The redesign of ASU's athletic look includes adding copper and black to the color palette in addition to the longtime standbys maroon and gold, a new font titled "Sun Devil Bold" that has the tines of a pitchfork at the ends of letters, as well as the redesigned pitchfork logo.

Representatives from Nike and ASU introduced new uniforms for several of the athletic teams, donned on stage by University athletes.

Cornerback Omar Bolden, center Garth Gerhart, and wide receiver Gerell Robinson introduced the new uniforms -- wearing white, black, and maroon, respectively -- before ASU football legends Ron Pritchard and Jeff Van Raaphorst brought out the new helmets -- yellow and matte black.

Sparky is replaced by the new pitchfork logo on both helmets, but he does remain unchanged -- goofy grin and all.

Basketball guard Trent Lockett introduced the black uniform for men's hoops, which remains fairly similar to the uniforms of old.

Apparently football coach Dennis Erickson didn't get a makeover, but the new-look Devils are still trying to post their first winning season since 2007.

Check out all the uniforms and logo combinations here.

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