Arizona Theatre Company's Executive Director, Jessica Andrews, Stepping Down


Jessica Andrews, who helped manage the Arizona Theatre Company for 15 years, is stepping down from her role as executive director following a successful fundraising campaign.

In an announcement today (see below), Andrews says her focus on raising money for the theater company in recent years has been rewarded with about $2 million in contributions. The money was used to "stabilize" the company, create a cash reserve and purchase a historic office building in Tucson.

Andrews will continue to advise the company as a consultant.

Partial news release follows: 


Arts leader steps down from her role as Executive Director after 15 years of service

Jessica L. Andrews has announced that she is stepping down from her role as Arizona Theatre Company's Executive Director at the close of the 2008-2009 Season. Jessica Andrews will continue to work with Arizona Theatre Company on a consultant basis, contributing to ATC's short and long-term goals. Kevin E. Moore will continue to serve as Arizona Theatre Company's Managing Director, working closely with Artistic Director David Ira Goldstein.

As she announced her departure, Jessica Andrews said, "Arizona Theatre Company is a very special organization, and I've had an incredibly satisfying tenure. I am grateful for the support of all Board and staff members - past and present. The partnership I've had with David has been one of the best I've had with an artistic director during my career, and to work with Kevin as Managing Director has been a privilege. This is the final step in a transition that began nearly three years ago. I knew that Kevin was the perfect successor for me as Managing Director. At that time, we put into place a process that moved my managerial responsibilities to Kevin and allowed me to focus specifically on a special fund-raising campaign that has so far raised over $2 million to stabilize ATC, institute a cash reserve, and purchase our historic office building in Tucson. It's not every organization that can gracefully negotiate an internal transition like we undertook. I give Kevin, David, the entire staff and our Board of Trustees full credit for making it so successful."

"This is a time to celebrate all that has been accomplished during my tenure here and to eagerly embrace the next chapter in my life," Ms. Andrews continued. "I look forward to continuing to represent ATC in the community, regionally and nationally, something that I have always very much enjoyed. This is a time to celebrate all that has been accomplished during my tenure here and to eagerly embrace the next chapter in my life. After working in the not-for-profit professional theatre for the past forty-two years, it is exciting to anticipate exploring a new way of contributing to ATC, the arts in Arizona and across the country."

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