Arizona's Most Wanted: Defendants Who Skipped Out on Peoria City Court Date

They're not big-time bad guys, but according to Peoria officials, arrest warrants have been issued for these individuals since they allegedly skipped out on court appearance -- failure to appear -- for offenses such as driving under the influence of alcohol (or some other mind-altering ish) and shoplifting.

Most Wanted -- New Times' weekly post features scofflaws, including suspects in robberies, homicides and assault cases, sex offenders who've absconded, and even "dead beat" parents who aren't shelling out court-ordered child support.

Suspects featured here are presumed innocent -- until a judge or jury says otherwise.

Arrest Warrant in Shoplifting Case

Batina M Zeher
 Sex:  Female Height:  5'05"                   
 Weight:  110 
Hair:  Brown
 Eyes:  Brown 
DOB: 05-08-1982
 Warrant: Failure to Appear, Shoplifting

Up Next: Arrest Warrant in DUI Case Christopher S. Rife 
Sex: Male                                                                        Height:  6'02" 
Weight:  210
 Hair:      Bro 
Eyes:      Haz 
 DOB:     09-13-1973
 Warrant: Failure to Appear, DUI (Liquor, Drugs, Vapor)

Up Next: Arrest Warrant in Shoplifting Case Timothy L. Ewoldt 
Sex: Male 
Height: 5'10" 
Weight: 140 
Hair:  Black
 Eyes:  Brown
 DOB: 02-16-1994 
Warrant: Failure To Appear, Shoplifting      

Up Next: Arrest Warrant in Shoplifting Case Lachelle R Juarez 
Sex: Female
 Height: 5'05" 
Weight: 155 
Hair:  Brown 
Eyes:  Brown 
DOB:    08-05-1980 
Warrant: Failure to Appear, Shoplifting

Up Next: Arrest Warrant in Drug, Shoplifting Case Daniel L Wilcox
 Sex: Male 
Height:  5'09" 
Weight: 170
 Hair:      Brown/Shaved 
Eyes:     Blue   
 DOB:     02-12-1977 
Warrant: Failure to Appear, Probation Violation, Shoplifting, Drug Paraphernalia, Possession/Use

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