Arizona's Own "Jon and Kate" Exploit Sextuplets in Upcoming Reality Show

 The stars of the popular reality show "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" are getting a public divorce amid accusations that they use their kids for profit.

It sounds like an ugly mess, but wouldn't you know it -- an Arizona couple hopes to follow in Jon and Kate's footsteps (without the divorce -- unless it gets good ratings, presumably).

Lake Havasu residents Bryan (a graduate of Arizona State University) and Jenny Masche (pictured) are exploiting their own, Phoenix-born children in a new cable-TV series launching on Thursday at 8 p.m. on WEtv.

The series begins with a special on Jenny's pregnancy and the arrival of sextuplets, continuing with six one-hour shows.

Judging from the bios of this couple, the stereotype of Arizonans as Bible-thumping gun nuts will be secure in the minds of viewers:


My other hobbies include shooting guns, blowing things up in the desert, and reading books about politics, business, sales, real estate, and investing as well as the Bible. Jenny and I also train for marathon runs. I enjoy watching the AZ Diamondbacks and the Arizona Cardinals. My dream is to live on a big ranch with our kids and run for office, either for the state senate in Arizona or perhaps the U.S. Congress.


Bryan would fit right in at the Arizona Legislature, wouldn't he? Jenny's a graduate of the Texas Christian University; her first TV appearance came when Bryan asked her to marry him in the middle of a Diamondbacks game.

If the show does well, maybe the couple will ultimately replace the headed-for-Splitsville Jon and Kate.

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