Arizona's Redistricting Commission Should Regard the Tea Party as Disruptive Loons

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Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne recently announced that his office will be doing a "probe" of the issues surrounding AIRC procurement and open meetings. This, despite the fact that his attorneys — from jump — advised the AIRC on these very issues.

Horne told me that he was responding to the concerns of the public, that his office had researched the matter and concluded it could investigate without running afoul of ethical rules.

Nevertheless, Horne's approach has emboldened the witless Tea Baggers into thinking they're onto something.

And it's just a little too similar to the antics of Horne's erstwhile rival, former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas. Remember, it was Thomas' office that investigated county Supervisors over matters his office had advised them on.

That's one reason Thomas currently is facing disbarment proceedings, BTW.

Fortunately, there are some normal people who've been attending the AIRC meetings, voicing support for the commission, and offering some pushback to the Tea Baggers, who are about as obvious as the cause of singer Amy Winehouse's recent demise.

The Republicans on the commission have stated that they support Chairman Mathis and want to move on.

But the Tea Baggers have nothing better to do than raise Cain over candy corn. And 'til they are dismissed — as the 9/11 "truthers" are today — you can expect their threats and hysterical nonsense to continue.

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