Arizona's the Best State for Gun Owners, Says Magazine Formerly Run by Man Who Shot and Killed Neighbor in Arizona

Arizona is "the best" state for gun owners, Guns & Ammo magazine says today.

Believe it or not, Guns & Ammo magazine omitted the fact that the former editor of the magazine shot and killed a man in Arizona less than a year ago.

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-Richard Venola, Former Editor of Guns & Ammo Magazine, Arrested in Mohave County Murder

Richard Venola was arrested by Mohave County Sheriff's deputies in May, after the former Guns & Ammo editor used a gun and ammo to shoot 39-year-old James Patrick O'Neill outside Venola's home in Golden Valley.

His trial on a second-degree murder charge ended with a hung jury.

The local paper of record, the Mohave Daily News, also reported that a deputy county attorney revealed during the trial that Venola was "extremely drunk" -- with a blood-alcohol level of .23 -- while Venola's lawyers called it self-defense, naturally.

O'Neill was unarmed, but a jury couldn't decide if Venola was guilty of murder in the second trial, either.

Guns were described as Venola's "first love" in his Guns & Ammo biography, although that online biography was changed shortly after Venola's arrest.

Today, Guns & Ammo thinks Arizona's the best state for gun owners.

Arizona scored 49 out of 50 points possible in its ranking, in categories including laws related to concealed carry, modern sporting rifles, "Class 3" firearms, stand-your-ground laws, and miscellaneous -- which is related to "[h]ow pro-gun the state culture is."

While you might have guessed that they took off Arizona's point in the stand-your-ground category to throw a bone to their old boss, the state scored a 10 in that category, and a nine in the concealed-carry category.

Check out the entire list here.

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