AshleyMadison.Com Wants Naming Rights for Meadowlands After City of Phoenix Wouldn't Play Ball

AshleyMadison.com, a dating Web site for people who are already married, reportedly has offered $25 million for naming rights of the new Meadowlands football stadium -- the home of the New York Giants and Jets -- in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

And it wouldn't be the first time the company tried to put its name on public edifice. The first, as readers of this blog surely remember, happened here in Phoenix. (Explanation after the jump.)

A Web site for cheaters might be better served re-naming Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts -- home of the video-savvy New England Patriots.

In a letter obtained by TMZ.com, the Web site's founder, Noel Biderman,  made a preliminary offer to Meadowlands officials. 

"At this stage, we are prepared to make a preliminary offer of $25,000,000 for the Naming Rights for a five-year term," Biderman writes.

He goes on to say "we would be pleased to match any such superior offer."

A call to the Meadowlands' front-office folks to find out if they planned on accepting the offer was not immediately returned

As you may remember, this isn't the first time the adulterous matchmaker's tried to get his name on some highly-frequented real estate -- in February, Biderman tried to re-name Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport to no avail.


Biderman offered the city $10 million to rename the airport "The Ashley Madison International Airport" for a period of five years, which the city quickly declined.

The city -- at the time -- gave us no specific reason why it declined the generous offer, only saying the naming rights for the airport are not currently for sale.

Seemed like a polite way of telling the company to get real, but we have a hunch the real reason has something to do with the company's motto: "Life's short, have an affair."

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