Terry Goddard
Terry Goddard

AZ Attorney General Terry Goddard Enters Race for Governor

Can you believe it? Terry Goddard actually made a pivotal decision -- sort of.

He's exploring running for governor.

The avoid-the-issue attorney general filed paperwork this morning to form an exploratory committee to see if he should officially seek the state's top office -- he's "tweeting" about it, too.

"Today I will file papers to explore running for Governor. AZ needs strong leadership focused on jobs & ending partisan gridlock," Goddard posted on his Twitter page this morning.

He made the unofficial official hours after his post with a press release, in which he says the governor's first priority ought to be "restoring and attracting quality jobs."

Can we get a little milk with that toast?

At this point, we'd be happy just to have a governor who can get a state budget in place, so don't go swingin' for the fences just yet, Ter.

Goddard's announcement came a day after unelected Governor Jan Brewer announced her decision to seek a full term.

Brewer needs to beat out a stable of Republican candidates including rookie politician and Paradise Valley mayor, Vernon Parker, just to have the opportunity to lose to Goddard, who (despite his limp-wristed tenure as AG) leads the race in virtually every poll taken so far.


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