Baby Gabriel's Mom Denied New Attorney; She Actually Showed Up for Court This Time

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office -- using "any means necessary," as directed by a judge -- delivered the mother of missing baby Gabriel Johnson to court this morning without a hitch, and things didn't go in her favor, court officials tell New Times.

Elizabeth Johnson had requested a new attorney in her kidnapping and custodial-interference case but she refused to leave her jail cell to show up for court last week.

In her written request, Johnson asked that her attorney, Vanessa Smith, be replaced because she "does not file motions I request and pressures me to do what she wants.''

Well, why don't we just do whatever you wanna do, Elizabeth.

Last week, Judge Timothy Ryan explained to Johnson's attorney that Johnson would have to be present to request a new lawyer and gave MCSO deputies carte blanche in making sure she showed up for her hearing today.

Sheriff's personnel fulfilled Ryan's request, and Johnson was front and center at today's hearing.

After telling Johnson she needed to actually be in the courtroom to request a new lawyer, Ryan promptly denied her request once it was officially made.

It kind of seems like a cruel joke, but when played on a woman who refuses to help police find her missing 11-month-old, we won't be playing any violins for Johnson.

Court spokesman Vincent Funari tells New Times the judge didn't offer much of a reason for denying her request but rather explained to Johnson how criminal proceedings work.

Johnson is scheduled to be in court again on April 16.

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