`Baseline Killer' Case Jurors Asked If They Read Phoenix New Times

Opening statements in the Mark Goudeau murder trial aren't scheduled to start until June 6, but attorneys already have started the long grind of trying to pick a jury.

We will watch that death-penalty case when it finally gets going -- it's supposed to take more than a year to complete.
Goudeau is charged with murdering nine people (and faces many other major charges) during a vicious spree that ended with his September 2006 arrest.
The former construction worker already was sentenced to 438 years in prison after a jury convicted him in another case of sexually assaulting two sisters in south Phoenix.

We took a peek at the jury questionnaire yesterday.

Most of it was typical stuff, but we took special note of question 26.
It asked prospective panelists, "Do you read New Times?" 
"If so, what opinions have you formed about articles published in the New Times about the Maricopa County Attorney's Office/Investigation into the Baseline Rapist-Killer/Phoenix Police Department?" 
Hmmm, we thought. What have we written about Goudeau and the Baseline investigation?
Here are a few of the stories, which include a false confession by a nutball from Tennessee, our first-person account of being at the crime scene of what turned out to be the serial killer's first Phoenix victim, and a smack-down of a conspiracy-minded wannabe detective (Phoenix police officer Rusty Stuart) with his own ideas of who the murderer was.
Here are  "I Dunnit," "Fear Factor," and "Rogue Cop."  

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Paul Rubin
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