Bernie or Hillary? Here's Which Arizona Leaders Are Endorsing Each Candidate

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders are in a tight race for the party nomination. 

Whether you paint the rivalry as a choice between the establishment versus anti-establishment candidate or the progressive versus the "real" progressive candidate, there are plenty of people on both sides. 

Here's the list, as provided by each campaign, of the elected officials and community leaders in Arizona officially endorsing Hillary or Bernie:

Team Hillz
Ruben Gallego, U.S. Representative
Ann Kirkpatrick, U.S. Representative

Gabby Giffords, former U.S. Representative
Harry Mitchell, former U.S. Representative
Ed Pastor, former U.S. Representative
Terry Goddard, former Arizona Attorney General

Katie Hobbs, State Senator
Robert Meza, State Senator
Lynne Pancrazi, State Senator
Lela Alston, State Representative
Lupe Contreras, State Representative
Diego Espinoza, State Representative
Charlene Fernandez, State Representative
Randy Friese, State Representative
Sally Ann Gonzalez, State Representative
Jonathan Larkin, State Representative
Stefanie Mach, State Representative
Celeste Plumlee, State Representative
Rebecca Rios, State Representative
Macario Saldate, State Representative
Bruce Wheeler, State Representative
Victoria Steele, Former State Representative
Anna Tovar, Former State Senator

Delia Carlyle, Tribal leader
Jonathan Nez, Tribal leader
Stephen Roe Lewis,Tribal leader

Greg Stanton, Phoenix Mayor
Jonathan Rothschild, Tucson Mayor
Mark Mitchell, Tempe Mayor
Kate Gallego, Phoenix Council 
Danny Valenzuela, Phoenix Council 
Paul Cunningham, Tucson Council 
Richard Fimbres, Tucson Council 
Karin Uhlich, Tucson Council 
Lorenzo Sierra, Avondale Council 
Jamie Aldama, Glendale Council 
Sam Chavira, Glendale Council 
Dennis Kavanaugh, Mesa Council
Corey Woods, Tempe Council 
Lauren Kuby, Tempe City Council
Liz Archuleta, Coconino County Supervisor
Lena Fowler , Coconino County Supervisor
Ramón Valadez, Pima County Supervisor
Tony Reyes, Yuma County Supervisor
Lenore Stuart, Yuma County Supervisor

Sylvia Lee, Pima Community College Board of Governors
Lawrence Robinson, Roosevelt School Board 
Corina Madruga, Tolleson Union High School District Governing Board
Heather Macre, Central Arizona Water Conservation District
Daniel Hernandez, Sunnyside School Board 
Luis Heredia, DNC member
Carolyn Warner, DNC member
Fred Duval, Business leader
Clinton Bartlett, Community leader
Sue Castner, Community leader
Junelle Cavero Harnal, Community leader
Mark Kelly, Community leader
Jeanne Lunn, Community leader
Jim McLaughlin, Labor leader
Frank Piccioli, Labor leader
Jennifer Wozniak, Labor leader
Roman Ulman, Labor leader
Gerald Richard, Public safety leader
Kanin Pruter, Student leader

Team "Feel the Bern":

Raúl Grijalva, U.S. Representative

Andrea Dalessandro, State Senator
Martin Quezada; State Senator
Richard Andrade, State Representative
Reginald Bolding, State Representative
Mark Cardenas, State Representative
Ceci Velasquez, State Representative
Juan Mendez, State Representative
Rosanna Gabaldón, State Representative

Lian D’Avignon, Speaking on Behalf of Winsler Nosie, Apache Stronghold
and San Carlos Apache, Tribal Leaders

Celia Barotz, Flagstaff Vice-Mayor
Eva Putzova, Flagstaff Councilwoman
Jesus Rubalcava, Gila Bend Council 
Adrian Fontes, Arizona Democratic Party Executive Committee
Janie Hydrick, Arizona Democratic Party Executive Committee
Emily Verdugo, Arizona Democratic Party
Robert Donat, Maricopa County Democratic Party
Jessica Gonzalez, Maricopa County Democratic Party

Steve Gallardo, Maricopa County Supervisor
Richard Elias, Pima County Supervisor
Art Babbott, Coconino County Supervisor

Devin Del Palacio, Tolleson Union H.S. School District Board 
Patrick Morales, Tempe Elementary School District Board 
Channel Powe, Balsz Elementary School District Board 
Eva Dong, Sunnyside School District Board 
John Gomez, Cartwright School Board 
Adelita Grijalva, Tucson Unified School District Board

Remember, whether you support one of the Dems or are riding the Trump train, you can only vote in the March presidential primary if you're registered with one of the two parties by February 22. Here's where you can register.

**Update 2/15: A previous version of this article said Rosanna Gabaldón endorsed Clinton. That is incorrect, she is endorsing Sanders.
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