Bigamy, Big Boys

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A complete overhaul appears to be in order now that Governor Napolitano is in town. I say give her a chance to fix what is broken. At the same time, unless she walks through the facilities and gets firsthand knowledge from the people who work in the trenches (officers), she will not get the truth from the upper administration. It's only a suggestion, but my fellow officers would love to see the governor weed out all the administrators across this state who don't play well with others. Start fresh from the top, acting director on down, and rid the positions that have no clue as to the changing face of the department.

Name withheld by request

Have a Heart
Heartfelt thanks: Your article "Lost Hearts" (Amy Silverman, March 27) raises many questions about Donor Network of Arizona, Mayo Clinic and the many ego problems of each. I hope you keep the investigation going. Thanks for the information!

Kurt Maddux
Via e-mail

Wild, Wild West
Capital gain: It was with "shock and awe" that I read the article "Giving Peace No Chance" by Susy Buchanan (April 3). Am I living in America, or is threatened homicide no longer a crime? For the state to turn a blind eye in the name of patriotism to such potential atrocities makes me ill. As a native Arizonan and former resident, I used to think that living in our nation's capital was risky at best, with snipers one day and the threat of terrorism the next. However, after reading about this appalling and cowardly plan, I feel much safer here than in the gun-totin' West. Thank God there are still areas of our great country where one is still free to express First Amendment rights without fear of retribution.

Cherie Bertoni
Washington, D.C.

Chain reactionary: This is something to be extremely cautious about. The history of the U.S. is riddled with reactionary groups that have been formed in opposition to progressive causes and have sought to terrorize anyone who dares to get out of line. The KKK, the GOON squads that terrorized the AIM movement, and the cops who participated or turned a blind eye to these activities are not isolated incidents of the past, but rather they serve routine functions for the repressive apparatus of the state.

The same way that paramilitary death squads hunt down and assassinate leftists in Colombia and elsewhere in Central and South America, with U.S. support and funding, the U.S. government likewise encourages and does little to stop the targeting of leftists and other dissidents in this country by reactionary vigilantes. See Ward Churchill's book Agents of Repression for a thoroughly documented account of U.S. terrorism against radicals and dissidents.

I would also like to echo the sentiments expressed elsewhere that some activists have learned from the past, and will actively defend ourselves against any attempts at violence or intimidation.

Robin Banks

Exit, Stage Left

Program note: Once again, theater reviewer Robrt L. Pela has exhibited his inability to be accurate on simple details while typing up his scathing opinions (not critiques) of local theater ("Classical Gasbag," April 10). Does he read the programs? He certainly implies that he has plenty of time on his hands while being bored to tears at various venues. This time he does a huge disservice to Phoenix Theatre's wig designer by childish name-calling in regard to his dislike of the costumes in Amadeus. (Sorry, Robrt, not her job. She designs wigs and makeup.) His last review at PT gushed glowingly on for a paragraph about a performer who was not in the show; he had been replaced. I would just like to see him be accurate as he dishes his way through the local theater scene. Oh, and in his reference to the cardboard piano; it's an actual functional harpsichord on stage.

Marjie Bell

Driver Education
On a roll: "Why would anyone, under any circumstance, strike a cop?" ("California Roll Nets 10 Years," Michael Lacey, March 13).

Mr. Lacey asks a dangerous question -- only because the answer from the average person demonstrates a dangerous ignorance.

Most people would say you should never strike a cop. Very dangerous thinking indeed. If you get out of the mindset that the government and its agents are faultless, common sense and numerous court decisions tell us that it is not only our right, but our duty to resist oppressive government. In a case like this, it's called self-preservation. Many federal and state court decisions affirm our right to protect ourselves from physical harm -- and even unlawful arrest -- by any member of a city, county, state or federal police agency with reasonable force, including deadly force! Yes, we have the right to kill a cop when they put our life in jeopardy. Why do you think we have guns in the first place? (And don't say for hunting.) Primarily, we have guns to protect us from criminals, including those in government. I am well-trained in weaponry and carry a gun when I go out, and I definitely would not hesitate to use it against a cop if I felt my physical safety or life was in danger.

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