Bill Maher's "New Rule" for Those Who Want to Show Abortion-Seekers Sonograms

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill last week that -- among other things -- forces doctors to give women seeking an abortion the opportunity to see an ultrasound of the baby before they end the pregnancy.

"Throughout my political career, I've had a consistent track record of support for pro-life legislation," Governor Brewer said in a statement at the time. "This bill sends a message that Arizonans continue to care deeply about protecting life and protecting families."

GOP lawmakers call the new law "informed consent."

Call it whatever you want, but the new law is nothing more than an attempt by the pro-life crowd to guilt women seeking an abortion out of carrying it out.

Arizona may have a new bill, but comedian Bill Maher has a "new rule" for those who want to force abortion doctors to show women seeking their services sonograms -- and if GOPers want "informed" consent, Maher's "rule" is much more thorough than the law the gov signed last week.

Check it out below (if video doesn't load try viewing in Firefox).

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