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Bill Montgomery Screws Up Tom Horne Complaint, Judge Recommends Dismissal

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Winn was ecstatic when I called her for comment. Which is as it should be, as she and Horne potentially could have been on the hook for up to $1 million each.

"I'm happy that the court ruled that my due process wasn't followed, because it wasn't," she told me. "This was the right ruling for this judge to make, though this issue might not be over."

Indeed, ABC 15 and the Associated Press are reporting that Monty's office is promising to appeal.

Perhaps Monty could take a remedial law class so he doesn't screw this one up, too.

Or better yet, spare us all the agony and drop it. At this point, it's no more than legal masturbation, something, admittedly, Monty excels in.

Truly, this case suffers from hypocrisy on steroids.

For instance, Montgomery recently testified before the state Legislature, saying that he believes the very law with which he has been pursuing Horne is in fact unconstitutional.

Not to mention that in 2010 Montgomery benefited from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's campaign finance largess to the tune of more than $500,000 when he was running in the GOP primary against then-interim county attorney Rick Romley.

Arpaio bought ads and sent out mailers bashing Romley, while at the same time actively campaigning for Montgomery, often with Montgomery.

When asked about this last year, Montgomery claimed that was different, because there was no alleged coordination between his campaign and Arpaio. (Though Arpaio did get dinged with a civil fine on the mailers.)

As for Horne, he and his supporters like to point out that he was considered a contender for the governor's office before the mean ol' FBI went poking its nose into his business, giving Bennett and Monty, both aspirants to higher office, ammo to use against the AG.

Which brings us back to Horne's alleged mistress, Carmen Chenal, who continues to be an Assistant Attorney General with a six-figure salary paid for by taxpayers.

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