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Bill Montgomery Skewered in Puente March, SANE Defends Monty

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The Teabaggers were on the steps of the little plaza leading to the doors of 301 West Jefferson as the marchers approached from the east. They were soon overwhelmed by the pro-immigration folks, though many of the T-bone-granddaddys held their ground, including Olivas, who screamed non-stop and incoherently into his beloved bullhorn.

Interestingly, despite usually wearing a sweatshirt that identifies him as representing "Latino Legal Immigrant Tea Party Patriots," Olivas claims to be a mixture of Native American, Italian and German. I asked him why he used the term Latino to describe his group.

"The reason it is `Latino' [is] because that's what the white people classify us as," he said. "When they see us, they say, `Latino, Hispanics,' and all that bullshit."

Well, that clears that up. I also asked him what he thought of Arpaio's recent slip and fall. Olivas shrugged it off.

"He'll be doing his goddamn job from a goddamn hole in the ground or wherever," Olivas replied.

I wondered about Joe's "broken arm," saying it must be worse than that, maybe a broken rib or a stroke, if it's taking him this long to recover.

"I have no idea," he said. "Just because he talks to me doesn't mean I'm going to go kiss his ass."

Interesting. And what did Olivas think of Monty?

"He's just doing his job," Olivas explained. "He's doing what we pay him for."

Later, the ornery Olivas met his match when a young, tattooed, pro-immigrant guy went toe-to-toe with him, holding a bigger bullhorn into Olivas' face. It was hot bullhorn-on-bullhorn action, with insults and vulgarities flying, till Olivas eventually packed it in, realizing he was out-bullhorned.

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