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Bill Montgomery Skewered in Puente March, SANE Defends Monty

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Weirdly, it's not just the yahoos who are defending Monty. The Real Arizona Coalition, which is behind the so-called SANE immigration proposal, is also defending Montgomery, who, in turn, is for the SANE approach to the immigration issue.

Last week, I asked RAC for a statement on whether or not its members had challenged Monty on his unusually cruel policies toward the undocumented.

Today, they got back to me with a response, which reads in part:

"Mr. Montgomery's conservative views offer insight and ideas from a critically important constituency, no matter if some members of the RAC disagree with those viewpoints. To his credit, Mr. Montgomery was the only Arizona Republican law enforcement official willing to sit down and help the RAC craft its immigration reform proposal. In addition, he has spoken at and participated in three of our immigration solutions conferences.

"While SANE is a product of the collective efforts of the many dozens of people who have been involved in its creation, it is worth noting that Mr. Montgomery wrote the section that excludes individual ID theft convictions from the list of felonies that would warrant deportation. His openness to alternatives and willingness to be in the room have demonstrated that he understands the importance of adding a level of fairness and practicality to federal reforms."

Apparently, the irony of Monty supposedly writing a future exception for those he is now needlessly over-charging, denying them the kind of plea offers similarly-situated defendants receive from the MCAO, escapes the SANE backers.

But it did not escape Carlos Garcia, Puente's chief organizer.

"It just shows that they continue to stand by him," Garcia said. "There's no difference between standing by Montgomery and standing by Arpaio. If the Real Arizona Coalition continues to work with Montgomery, they've lost credibility in matters of immigration reform.

"What Montgomery is doing is directly contradicting anything reform will do. How are you going to try to pass some sort of immigration reform...when you're dealing with the only jurisdiction in the country that's doing these kinds of raids?"

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