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Bill Montgomery's Anti-Muslim Seminar Results in Threats to Muslims, ADL Criticizes Training, Phoenix PD Will Not Participate (w/Updates)

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Liban Yousuf, a spokesman for the Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, informed me that CAIR and local Muslim religious leaders recently have received "threats of violence" because of the controversy.

He said CAIR's Chandler office had received a voicemail threat, which it has reported to the FBI.

"It was something to the effect that, `you guys are a known Hamas front group and are lying to the American people, and if you don't come out and expose yourself in the press...your shield or your safety will be no more,'" he explained.

Yousef said he received a similar voicemail threat on his cell phone, with a deadline for him to act, or there would be consequences.

Other local Muslims, labeled by Guandolo in a blog post as being members of Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood, have also gotten threats, according to Yousef.

"There are 22 [Mosques] in the Valley," Yousuf told me. "Guandolo, he named a number of those mosques on his blog, [calling them] `known Muslim Brotherhood,' `known Hamas'...The same ones he identified are the ones getting threats."

All threats deemed serious have been turned over to law enforcement, Yousuf said.

Guandolo's bizarre, McCarthy-esque blog post was removed from his website after Montgomery's office requested that Guandolo take it down.

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