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Bill Montgomery's Islamaphobe Calls Local Reporters "Collaborators" Who Defend "Stealth Jihadis"

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I missed Monty's press conference this week, but the MCAO has posted it to YouTube, and it's a doozy.

Resnik was there, and he drilled Montgomery on Guandolo's assertion in one blog item that the Islamic associations opposed to his coming were "part of a massive jihadi network."

The journo also asked Montgomery about Guandolo's allegation that Resnik and Garcia were "collaborators."

But Montgomery dodged the issue, as best he could.

"Brahm, I'm not going to draw any conclusions based on what Mr. Guandolo puts in a blog," Monty replied, later adding. "My interest was on the training, and what was presented in the training. The circus that developed because of the poison environment created by [the Council for American-Islamic Relations] and the ACLU to begin with resulted in a lot of this back and forth. I'm not defending it. I'm not participating in it, and I'm not going to referee it."

Monty claimed that Guandolo's training did not "identify specific individuals locally and draw conclusions about them and encourage investigations and prosecutions."

The county attorney also maintained that Guandolo's training was "good," and that it addressed the larger threat of Islamic extremism. He refused to accept the premise that Guandolo's nutty statements kneecap his credibility as an "expert" of any kind.

More than 300 cops and prosecutors attended the training, according to Montgomery. He also told reporters that he did not know how much it cost to bring Guandolo and the other speakers to Arizona.

"Is the information available somewhere?" Montgomery shot back when asked why he didn't know the cost to the public. "Sure. Do I carry around in my hip pocket a 2" by 5" card with what we pay every trainer coming in? No. I've got a lot more important things to be doing."

Yeah, like spending our money on kooks like Guandolo.

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