Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, Deploys National Guard to Border in Wake of Arizona Rancher's Death; Jan Brewer Takes Verbal Shot at Obama

The murder of a prominent Arizona rancher has re-ignited calls for a stronger military presence at the U.S./ Mexico border, but Arizona isn't the only border state seeking to beef up security in wake of the tragedy -- New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson says he will deploy the New Mexico National Guard to the border with his state in case there's further violence.

Richardson announced today that he will send guardsmen to work with the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management, the state organization in charge of border security.

"I want residents in Southern New Mexico to know we are taking this border violence very seriously by adding a National Guard presence along with state, local, and federal law enforcement patrols along the border," Richardson says in a statement.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced this week that she has asked the Obama administration to give Arizona an additional 250 guardsmen to patrol the Arizona/ Mexico border -- a request that Brewer says has gone virtually ignored since she first requested it in March.

"In the wake of the violent killing of highly regarded Cochise County rancher Robert Krentz early Sunday morning, Arizonans were once again reminded of the abject failure of the U.S.
Congress and President Obama to adequately provide public safety along our national border with Mexico," Brewer's office says in a statement.

While the murder of Krentz seems to have sent government officials in border states like Arizona and New Mexico into a political frenzy, there is still no concrete evidence that the rancher was murdered by an illegal immigrant. In fact, police in Cochise County, where the murder occurred, told New Times that there is currently no suspect or motive, and the only lead they've released is a single set of footprints that lead from the scene of the crime to the Mexico border.

While that single piece of evidence seems to suggest the murderer was a Mexican, we'd love to watch as these politicos try to pull their feet out of their mouths if they find out the murderer was actually a good 'ol white boy. 

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