Blog Posts and Articles Leading up to This Week's Cover Commentary on the SCA Scandal

Five blog posts over 10 days led up to Sarah Fenske's cover analysis this week on the SCA (Sheriff's Command Association) scandal. A 2007 cover story on the smear of Arpaio opponent Dan Saban was an omen of what was to come -- state Republican Party ads further smearing Saban financed by the SCA. A Fenske column followed last year on the offensive ads. See all the pieces below:  


The AZ GOP Slandered Dan Saban and Used Funny Money for Sheriff Joe. This Lifelong Republican Has Had Enough (October 23, 2008)

Below the Belt (September 9, 2007)
Lawyer Dennis Wilenchik's spearheading Joe Arpaio's attempt to smear his chief political rival

Blog Posts:

Dave Hendershott, Mired in SCA Scandal, Ironically Leads County Anti-Corruption Task Force

Sonoran Alliance Blog and Readers Strike Critical Note on SCA Contribution

Bruce Ash, Republican National Committeeman for Arizona, Won't Deny Truth of Statement About Source of Saban Smear-Ad Funds

Conservative Blogs Don't Make a Peep on SCA Scandal; Arizona Republic Follows Story in Opinion Pages

James Wikert, SCA Donor, Had Ties to Steve Ellman, Phoenix Coyotes

SCA Contributions Technically Not "Payroll Deductions," County Says

SCA Scandal: Captain Joel Fox Lied About Hendershott's Involvement; SCA Fails to Answer Key Questions

Source: FBI Interested in SCA Case Involving Joe Arpaio's Office

Dan Saban: SCA Donors had "Vested Interest" in Election Outcome; Hendershott Nixed Payroll Deductions for Union Dues

Joe Arpaio's Office Denies Involvement in SCA Despite Donations From Office's Top Brass

Steve Ellman, Arpaio Pal and Former Sheriff's Posse Captain, Is Big Money Behind Anti-Saban SCA Ads

MCSO Captain Joel Fox Settles SCA Case With County Elections; Criminal and Civil Actions Not Precluded

SCA Scandal: Dave Hendershott, Top Maricopa County Sheriff's Officials and Steve Ellman Among Major Contributors; Fox Files Two Campaign-Finance Reports

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