Bob Worsley and Other State Lawmakers Propose Online Voting

To his credit, Republican state Senator Bob Worsley has brought some of that Skymall spirit to the Legislature.

In addition to legalizing self-driving cars, Worsley, the founder of Skymall, is among a group of lawmakers that are also proposing a "pilot program" for using the Internet to vote in elections.

It seems like a logical step, hence the pilot program.

Under this bill, Senate Bill 1387, the secretary of state would set up " a method for registered voters to vote online by use of a secure internet portal."

The bill calls for this system to have a way to authenticate voters, and making sure that person can actually vote in the election, as well as a way for officials to verify the record after the election.

The bill clarifies that the online voting trial would be "an additional method of voting that is intended to supplement early voting and voting at a polling place or voting center. "

The way the bill's written, it appears that this pilot program would be used from the 2014 primary election, through the 2016 general election.

The bill text can be found here.

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