Eric Vincent
Eric Vincent
Mesa PD

Cabbie Accused of Trading Rides for "Sexual Favors"; Believe It or Not, Cops Say No Takers

The Mesa Police Department says a taxi driver for Discount Cab Company offered to waive the fare for two women, in exchange for "sexual favors."

Believe it or not, police say 43-year-old Eric Vincent didn't get any takers.

He did, however, get arrested on charges of soliciting prostitution, as well as sexual abuse.

According to information provided by Mesa police, two women reported similar encounters with a Discount Cab Company driver, one encounter on February 22, and the other on February 23.

Police were told that on both occasions, the driver offered to waive the fare in exchange for "sexual favors," but both women declined and paid their fare -- with money -- after being taken to their desired destinations.

The cops say Vincent was identified with cooperation from Discount Cab, and he voluntarily came into the police station for an interview -- where he admitted to making the offers to the women, police say.

The cops say there's a chance this didn't just happen twice, so if you know anything about this happening on another occasion, police ask that you call them at 480-644-2211 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

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