Can the Joe Arpaio Recall Effort Gather 215,000 Signatures in 85 Days?

The group calling itself Respect Arizona announced yesterday that it's collected and verified 120,000 signatures calling for the recall of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

With a little less than three months left in the four-month window to collect signatures, Respect Arizona has 215,317 signatures left to collect, although the organizers would like a little breathing room on top of that.

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Arpaio's campaign manager Chad Willems, in a recording obtained by our colleague Stephen Lemons, explained to the Joe fanatics, "If our opposition -- [Randy] Parraz and his group -- get the money that they need for these signatures, they're going to have a candidate on that ballot, and Joe Arpaio goes away."

If Willems actually believes this, then there might be a bit of trouble in Arpaio's future.

So, given the first signature total announced by recall organizors, do you think they'll get enough?

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