Captain Joel Fox Pays $450 Fine in SCA Case; $315,000 Fine Looming for Keeping Donors' Names Secret

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Captain Joel Fox has until the end of the month to cough up information about the people behind last year's shadowy $105,000 donation to the Republican Party, says the elections department.

"We believe if he goes past July 1st in the timing of all this, then the $315,000 is invoked," Yvonne Reed, the department's spokeswoman, tells New Times.

Reed says Fox has already paid the $450 fine that was levied by the department and backed up, following an appeal hearing, by the opinion of the state Office of Administrative Hearings. Judge Thomas Shedden cut through Fox's wall of nonsense like it was Styrofoam, writing in his opinion that the unidentified group of donors, the "SCA," met the definition of a political committee and should have filed a timely pre-election campaign report. That's where the $450 fine comes from.

The $315,000 is triple the original donation. Fox, the only known member of the SCA, will owe the money. 

The Sheriff's Command Association -- what is it, who is it? Does it have anything to do with www.sheriffscommand.com, a dormant domain name owned by Larry Black, director of the sheriff's office? What's so important about the SCA's bank account that it must remain as secret as the donors' names? How far up the chain at MCSO does this go?

So many questions.

And for Fox, so little time.

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