Cardinals Beat Buccaneers; Top 5 Players of the Week All Named Patrick Peterson

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The Cardinals had the same problems they have every week -- bad offensive-line play, no rushing game, mediocre quarterbacking, and Peterson being the only reliable member of the secondary.

Carson Palmer was sacked just once, but he was hurried many times -- contributing to another two interceptions. The Cardinals racked up a whole 56 yards on the ground. One was a 25-yard run by Andre Ellington, which makes the ground game look even worse.

Rashard Mendenhall almost averaged 2 yards per carry, but he didn't (1.8).

So who were the top-five players of the game? Easy:

  • 5. Patrick Peterson
  • 4. Patrick Peterson
  • 3. Patrick Peterson
  • 2. Patrick Peterson
  • 1. Patrick Peterson

(If we did top-six, we'd throw in Karlos Dansby, with nine solo tackles and a pass deflection.)

Here's how Peterson ruined the NFL debut of Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon, who got the start over Josh Freeman:

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