Cardinals Fan Who Shot Raiders Fan Is Ex-Cop; Glendale Police Say Self-Defense Issue Possible

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See also: Glendale Police Say Cardinals Fan Shot the Raiders Fan

Glendale police say investigators will be sending their findings to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office to determine possible charges in the shooting outside of the University of Phoenix Stadium two weeks ago.

According to Glendale PD, Arizona Cardinals fan and ex-police officer Michael Horan, 57, fired one shot at 29-year-old Oakland Raiders fan Chris Knight outside a preseason game between the two teams on August 17.

Police say Horan was a police officer outside of Arizona, and has not been a cop for "quite some time."

Horan and his wife were actually inside their car, about to drive away, when Knight allegedly started some sort of confrontation.

Police say they got word from parking lot employees that people in the lot told them that a man in silver face-paint -- which Knight was wearing -- was being "aggressive" toward a driver who was trying to leave.

The shooting was reported right after that, and according to police, there's "the potential of a self-defense issue" for Horan.

Glendale police say it's also possible that Knight was intoxicated during the incident, while Horan was not.

Police previously said Horan called the cops saying he had "accidentally" shot another man in a parking lot just north of the University of Phoenix stadium, and waited at the scene near Knight until police arrived.

Knight was shot in the eye, which has since been removed, and parts of his face had to be reconstructed, according to a couple of donation websites set up by his mother. Knight does not have health insurance, she says, and he was in the hospital until Sunday.

Police initially said the shooting "appear[ed] to be fan based," but the last few media updates from Glendale PD have said there's no information that their support for different teams led to the confrontation or the shooting.

Glendale police say the report's going over to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for review and possible charges shortly.

When asked whether investigators will be recommending charges against either man, Glendale Police Sergeant Brent Coombs told New Times investigators will give the facts to the county attorney's office, and let them make the determination on appropriate charges, if any (which sounds like an answer of "no").

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