Carjacker Shot and Killed by Police in Downtown Phoenix

A Phoenix police officer shot and killed a man Tuesday outside CityScape.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, detectives near 21st Avenue and Dunlap ran a records check Tuesday on the license plate of a truck listed as stolen. The detectives started following the truck, occupied by Craig Uran, 26, and Jessica Hicks, 23, when Uran made a U-turn, and pointed a gun at one of the detectives.

Uran started driving through neighborhoods in an effort to lose the tail, but a police helicopter ended up taking over surveillance of the truck. Uran ended up driving downtown, into a parking garage underneath CityScape, at First Avenue and Washington Street.

According to the court documents, Uran drove to the second level of the parking garage, found a woman sitting in her SUV and demanded that she get out of the vehicle. The woman handed over her keys once Uran told her he had a gun.

As soon as Uran and Hicks exited the garage onto Jefferson Street, an armored Phoenix police car rammed the SUV up against a sidewalk.

According to court documents:

Additional police vehicles jumped the light-rail tracks and attempted to pin the SUV to the wall. Uran attempted to accelerate, refusing to follow officers' commands to stop trying to drive away. There were numerous pedestrians on the sidewalk and patrons leaving the Subway [restaurant] just west of where this was happening. A police special-assignments officer, fearing for the lives of bystanders, fired his rifle one time striking and killing Uran.

Police were able to pull Hicks from the car without incident.

According to the documents, Hicks told police she was with Uran "under duress" but admitted to helping Uran carjack the woman just a few minutes before.

Hicks was booked into jail on felony murder and armed-robbery charges. Court records show Uran and Hicks both have criminal records. Uran was released from prison in 2012 after serving a little more than three years for transportation theft and misconduct involving weapons. Hicks took a plea agreement on a drug-paraphernalia charge in September.

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