Carlos Guzman Hit a Grocery Store Manager in the Face With a Rotisserie Chicken, Cops Say

The manager of a Fry's grocery store in Phoenix took a rotisserie chicken to the face while chasing a theft suspect, police say.

The alleged chicken-chucker, 46-year-old Carlos Ramon Guzman, tried to pull off his heist at the Fry's at 67th Avenue and Indian School Road, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

Guzman tried to bail out of the store after grabbing the chicken and a four-pack of booze, but the manager followed Guzman out of the store.

According to court documents, Guzman confronted the manager, telling him he would beat him up if he kept following him. Guzman took off his belt and swung it around near the manager, the documents state.

The manager just kept following Guzman, as he headed toward 67th Avenue, so Guzman chucked the chicken right at the manager's face, according to court documents.

Guzman tried to run to a nearby gas station, but he ran into police officers there and was arrested.

Guzman had "several" warrants for his arrest, according to the documents, including warrants for charges of aggravated -- which he allegedly earned for getting a DUI while his license was already suspended for DUI.

In addition to the charges pending against him already, he was also booked into jail on assault and shoplifting charges.

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