Cat-Lovers Protest Outside Home of Accused Cat-Murderer

If Scott Graham is responsible for all the missing cats in a Mesa neighborhood, then it's safe to say that he messed the wrong people's cats.

Now that Graham was sentenced to house arrest in the case -- which involved the murders of up to 40 cats -- people are protesting outside his home.

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Graham was arrested almost exactly a year ago, after a whole lot of cats went missing from the same neighborhood.

At first, the Arizona Humane Society suspected about a dozen cats had been catnapped. Graham, who became the suspect in the cat disappearances, eventually told police that he just "played" with the cats -- 30 to 40 of them.

Police saw Graham on video surveillance footage taking one cat, which was found a few days later, dead and mutilated behind a nearby strip mall. Another mutilated cat was found there too.

It seemed that police had pretty good evidence, as the trunk of his car reeked of dead, according to court documents. His excuse was that cats snuck into his car one night and brawled in the trunk.

Police spoke with Graham's parents at their house after Graham was accused by a neighbor of taking the cat -- and throwing a cat at him out of his car window -- and they told police their son didn't even own a cat. In fact, the guy being investigated for stealing a whole lot of cats is actually allergic to cats, his parents told police.

Police also found Graham's clothing, gloves, and car floor mats "covered" in cat hair in his garage.

Again, Graham just said he abducted the cats, "played" with them, and released them elsewhere.

Graham was arrested for animal abuse and other charges, all of which were eventually dropped due to a lack of evidence -- except for a single theft charge, which Graham was found guilty of, and sentenced to house arrest.

Now, if you turned on 3TV this morning, you would have seen that people were actually protesting this outside Graham's house.

We've spoken to some of these people before, and we'll tell you they're as serious about there cats as the character Angela from the Office -- Graham apparently picked the wrong neighborhood to "play" with other people's cats, including Biscuit, Oreo, Snickers, Little Bit, and "Kitty Does" numbers 1 through 40.

Check out the 3TV coverage below:

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