CBS 5 Claims Possible Bigfoot Corpse Coming to Phoenix

The local TV news crew that claims to be "telling it like it is" happens to be telling it like it isn't.

The local crew of Sasquatch/UFO/chupacabra chasers are touting a scoop that an "alleged bigfoot body" is coming to Phoenix. Here's a New Times scoop: There's no such thing as a bigfoot body.

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The story -- the number-one featured story on the CBS 5 website at the time of this post -- is that a man who has confessed to Bigfoot hoaxes in the past is serious this time and is driving the Bigfoot corpse around the country and charging people for a glimpse.

Heck, even southern Arizona's famed "The Thing" in Dragoon looks about 10 times more realistic than the Bigfoot on a roadshow.

By our count, this is CBS 5's fourth story in the past couple of years offering up possible evidence of Bigfoot, which surpasses our count of CBS 5 stories on chupacabra sightings -- which was up to three.

If you've ever been minding your own business when you suddenly were kidnapped by extraterrestrials who anally probed you for hours in a lab on their spaceship, please contact the CBS 5 investigators by clicking here.

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