CBS 5, Local Sasquatch Authority, Shows Off Purported Photos of Bigfoot Corpse

The number-one story on the CBS 5 website at the time of this post is a report of a man who claims he has a Bigfoot corpse.

This, of course, comes from the local news station that claims to be "telling it like it is" -- with a history of reports on supposed evidence of UFOs, chupacabras, and Bigfoot.

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Although this story's from a CBS affiliate in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, we couldn't find the story anywhere on the websites of CBS affiliates in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, or Philadelphia, but it's numero uno in Phoenix.

In just the past year, the CBS affiliate has brought the public not only reports on this purported Bigfoot corpse but supposed video footage the big ape, as well as a supposed Bigfoot toenail found in northern Arizona.

According to an "investigative reporter" from CBS 5 in a 2012 segment on all kinds of mythical creatures, "Here in Arizona, so-called paranormal activity is abundant."

That report came after a one-year stretch in which CBS 5 aired three segments detailing chupacabra sightings. Yes, a little dinosaur-looking thing with spikes down its back that survives by sucking the blood of goats. Three of 'em.

Now, we're on this top story about photos of a Bigfoot corpse. Ten paragraphs into the print story, the guy admits that he made up a Bigfoot hoax in 2008, but captured this corpse to redeem himself. Yup. Sounds legit.

Here's the segment:

If you've ever found a pot of gold at an end of a rainbow, but a leprechaun jumped out of nowhere and stabbed you while you tried to get the gold, please contact the CBS 5 investigators by clicking here.

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