Chad Curtis, Arizona Baseball Product, Off to Prison for Sex Crimes Against Teen Girls

Chad Curtis, a former New York Yankees outfielder from the small Arizona city of Benson, will be in prison for the next seven to 15 years.

Curtis, a two-time World Series champion with the Yankees, was sentenced in Michigan yesterday for his sexual conduct with three high school girls there.

Curtis went to Benson High School, and played baseball at Yavapai College and Cochise College before playing at Grand Canyon University, and then onto the pros, where he developed a reputation as a religious fanatic.

He actually played in just one World Series, despite getting two rings, as he played three games of the Yankees' four-game sweep of the Atlanta Braves in 1999. He only started one of those games, in left field, and went 2-for-4 with two solo homers.

Things obviously went downhill from there.

He got involved in teaching and athletics at a Michigan high school, where he ended up accused of a range of sexual conduct with teen girls.

According to M Live, Curtis spoke at his sentencing yesterday about being a "servant of God," apparently before he accused the girls of lying, and claiming to be the victim.

"Curtis also said he was the one rebuffing advances from the girls, who accused him of getting them alone in the school weight room and then molesting them under the guise of athletic conditioning," the report says.

Surprise! This was right before the judge gave him the maximum sentence of seven to 15 years in prison.

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