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Charlie Hebdo, Dennis Gilman and How Pro-Cop Thugs Resemble Muslim Terrorists

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Gilman's latest video shows that some folks can't handle freedom of speech

But that's all in the past, isn't it? Don't we cherish freedom of speech? Isn't violence against its practitioners and against journalists something that just doesn't happen anymore here in the good ol' U.S. of A.?

Events at a recent pro-cop rally held in the parking lot of the Scottsdale Police Department demonstrate otherwise.

During the event on Saturday, a fracas ensued, with some on the "pro-cop" side of the fence openly intimidating counter-protesters and videographer Dennis Gilman, who was there to document it.

Gilman is a freelance journalist, an independent newshound who often covers protests and marches. He has sold his footage to various news outlets over the years, New Times being one.

On Saturday, he had as much right to be on public property, filming the rally, as any of the other TV news crews or reporters, such as our own Ray Stern, who has published his account of what transpired.

So why did some pro-cop goons present feel comfortable moving on Gilman, crowding him, pushing him, blocking him, hitting him?

Because to these rednecks he represents a known quantity: someone who regularly captures their stupidities on video.

I should point out that most of the pro-cop folks did not engage in this behavior.

Chief Alan Rodbell was present, and can be seen chatting with one individual who had just begun to physically intimidate Gilman, thanking the guy for his support.

Gilman caught the unnamed bearded dude physically intimidating a slight young counter-demonstrator who was wearing a shirt that read "Fuck Police Brutality."

The hateful alter kocker, who looks like he's at least twice the size of the peaceful counter-demonstrator, lays his baseball cap on top of the individual's face.

He may have done worse, if he hadn't spotted Gilman filming him, thus diverting his attention.

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