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Christine Jones Accepts Global Warming, and Really Admires Hillary Clinton

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During Monday's phone-in session with the public, Jones answered questions about her not being an Air Force vet (a stint in ROTC ain't the same thing, you see), her 2004, BAC .102 DUI (which she downplayed, natch), her praise for GOP bete noir Hillary Clinton, and so on.

An issue I haven't seen mentioned anywhere is Jones' apparent acceptance of global warming as a reality, a position regarded as heresy in Republican ranks.

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And yet, in Jones' old blog therudysyndrome.com, she embraces the concept, kinda-sorta.

One feature of the blog is Jones' yearly predictions. In January 2013, this included one about climate change.

"And evidence of global warming will continue to mount," she wrote, "regardless of the insistence by some that, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary, global warming is pure fiction."

A year later, assessing this prediction in light of having already announced plans to run for governor, Jones attempted to extend and revise her remarks, while still ranking her prediction "true."

Like so,

TRUE. Evidence that the average temperature of the atmosphere is warmer now than it was several decades ago is now relatively easy to find. However, and this is and was the point of this whole prediction: none of that really matters. Indeed, the most important thing to note is that the earth is warmer now than it was in the 1950s. And, there is not much humans can do to change it. We must stop arguing about an undisputed fact (i.e., the temperature is up a few degrees on average) and start refocusing the discussion on the real heart of the matter.

That is, even if we shut down every factory, stopped driving every car, turned off every light, and disabled every coal generating plant, we probably still wouldn't change the temperature of the earth's atmosphere even a fraction of one degree. The temptation to focus on a non-issue for political expediency can be overwhelming to career politicians. Those of us who are not should insist that we keep our eye on the ball and not waste time arguing about a simple number on a thermometer. Keep the earth clean, don't waste natural resources, don't unnecessarily create pollution, be responsible, contributing citizens and members of society. But, don't waste time, energy, money, or effort pretending we will change the earth. It was here long before we got here, and it will be here long after we're gone.

Translation: "Um, never mind."

Jones' spokeswoman Anna Haberlein did her best to put her boss' blogging into perspective.

"Many of these predictions weren't necessarily what she wanted to happen," she told me, "but rather what she thought could happen."

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