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Christine Jones Accepts Global Warming, and Really Admires Hillary Clinton

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Still, that hardly addresses Jones' political crush on Hillary, which came up more than once during the tele-town hall.

The second time a caller asked about it, Jones shot it down with the following explanation:

You know, it's funny about these negative ads, they all take words that I've said or written and take them wildly out of context...the Hillary Clinton ad in particular was taken from an article that I wrote about a year and a-half ago. But let me leave no room for doubt on this, okay, I absolutely do not support Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a big government tax and spend liberal democrat, right? I am a small government conservative republican. Our political philosophy could not be more different.

Any comments about her I made in the past were in the context of comparing her to other members of the Obama administration. The particular comments you're referring to were taken from an article I wrote about John Kerry becoming the Secretary of State. I said I think we're going to rue the day that guy ever becomes Secretary of State. It is going to be bad for America. And even as bad as she was, Hillary Clinton is going to look good by comparison. We're all going to be looking back, going, gosh, wasn't she great compared to John Kerry. And I'm really sad to say in retrospect, it turns out I might have been right.

This explanation covers one specific instance of Jones' gushing about Hillary, which occurred in her 2013 predictions, where she said all Americans will begin to realize how effective Hillary had been when compared to Kerry.

In January 2014, she rated this prediction "true," and defended herself against criticism, using the line that Hillary was only effective in relation to other members of Team Obama.

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