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Christine Jones Accepts Global Warming, and Really Admires Hillary Clinton

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Below is the full post. By way of explanation, the "Rudy syndrome," is a bad thing, in Jones' lexicon. Jones defines it as not developing your talents on par with your skill, or something like that. The idea is inspired by the 1993 football flick Rudy.


You talk about a strong finish. Senator Clinton not only stayed in to fight to the end, she won almost every primary in the past two months. Why the democrats thought it was better to go with the nominee who has no momentum going into the convention is baffling. Nevertheless, it appears, barring some miracle (for which we are still praying), Senator Obama will be the democratic nominee.

You must know by now that Senator Clinton's campaign is saying she will concede the democratic nomination to Senator Obama within the next two days. The good news is she has all the power right now. She can make or break the election for the democrats just by answering a simple yes or no question: will she agree to join the ticket as Senator Obama's running mate?Yes or no?

If she says yes: the democrats go into general election season, which started today, with the dream team. The ticket that is unstoppable. The combination of experience and charisma that is only found in John Grisham novels and cheesy television dramas. The one-two punch that makes the republicans shudder in their we-are-not-the-third-term-of-Bush boots.

If she says no: the democrats might as well pack it up. The formidable republican nominee, the super war hero, the tortured and beaten prisoner of war, the Rocky Balboa of political campaigning, the comeback kid, the incredibly energetic and hard working Senator McCain who out campaigns candidates half his age, will leave the democrats wishing the rules committee had counted all the votes in Michigan and Florida after all. Without Senator Clinton, the election is Senator McCain's to lose.

Regardless: Senator Clinton has demonstrated the kind of tenacity and toughness that this blog is designed to inspire. She proved that not only was she in the game to win, but she played it expertly and ended up, although she doesn't have the delegates, with all the power to determine the next president of the United States of America. She made some horrific mistakes along the way, and she is paying a dear price for it. But, she simply never gave up. Her drive and singular determination in the face of inequitable treatment and criticism provide an example which every young dreamer can and should follow. She developed her skill on par with her talent and gave 100% to the goal she set so many years ago. And, for that level of commitment and drive, we here at The Rudy Syndrome salute her.

At the risk of making everyone reading this gag, particularly the GOPers, I reproduce Jones' comments dated January 16 and January 30, 2008 at the end of this post. Both praise Hillary as a fierce political pugilist.

Jones' admiration for Clinton is self-evident throughout her blog, even pre-dating the Obama administration.

She clearly admired Obama as well, though not as much as she liked/likes Hillary.

In an October 26, 2012 post, she praised Mitt Romney, whom she believed would beat Obama in the November election.

But she had praise for Obama, nonetheless.

"Don't get me wrong," she wrote, "I have admired the president's campaign savvy and political skill, as well. And in all candor, until very recently, I was certain he would be a two term president."

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