Christopher Dorner "Manhunt" in Phoenix Doesn't Exist, According to Authorities

Despite what you may have heard, cops in the Phoenix area aren't on an active "manhunt" for former Los Angeles cop Christopher Dorner.

Phoenix police Sergeant Trent Crump tells New Times that police have received a couple calls over the past few days, but nothing "anywhere near credible."

The specific statements brought to our attention were from a pretty popular Arizona-related Twitter account, @ArizonaNewsnet, which posted the following statements this morning:

ALERT: Ex-LAPD officer homicide suspect #Dorner manhunt in Metro Phoenix. Possibly driving black 1999 VW Jetta. California plate 4FZH983...

ALERT (con't): #Dorner possibly visiting the Phoenix-Mesa area. Reported 2nd vehicle light blue 80's sedan last seen in Mesa, Arizona.

Crump also noted that the U.S. Marshals Service would likely be the agency looking for Dorner, who's accused of killing three people.

Cue Marshals Service spokeswoman Amelia Swenhaugen:

"There are leads and tips being called in and investigated around the country regarding DORNER, but there is nothing specific indicating that he is in currently in Phoenix," she says.

If you do happen to know where Dorner is, though, that information could get you a $1 million reward from authorities in Los Angeles.

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