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He's hit up his partners for more than $213 million in the last five years to keep the team afloat as he jerked from one management plan to another.

See, Colangelo has always been one to spend other people's money. As his partners continued to shell out the megabucks, Jerry's sucked down a sweet $3 million a year salary for the last six seasons (and enjoyed prime home-plate seats).

Now, with the start of a new season less than a month away and the D-Backs' fortunes looking bleak, Colangelo has been able to turn a demotion into a coup de grce.

He's been paid handsomely (does anyone hear an echo?) to turn over the keys to his wheezing Yugo to a band of new, hopeful owners.

"He's had his cake and he's eating it, too," observes former Minnesota Twins baseball executive Clark Griffith.

Which should serve as a clear warning to Mayor Gordon as Colangelo secretly crafts his downtown redevelopment plan.

Unless somebody puts a stop to this, Jerry will once again get his and the rest of us will be the poorer.

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