Comparing Stadium Deals

Bank One Ballpark Rio Salado Crossing

Taxpayer funds for
construction $238 million $654 million
(with interest)*
Taxpayer funds
for operation
and maintenance $0 $163 million
through year 2028*

Annual naming rights
fee paid by team
to district $325,000 $250,000

Rent: $1 million** $1.75million***

Seats: 48,500 67,400

Features: Retractable dome Retractable dome
and field

* Based on data contained in the Rio Salado Crossing Financing Plan Overview dated January 11, 1999.

** The Diamondbacks pay a $1 million fee plus 5 percent of luxury suite license revenues, 5 percent of club seat premiums and an additional fee based on a sliding scale between 50 cents and $1.50 per ticket for admissions above two million in a season.

*** The Cardinals have the potential to receive non-game-day parking revenue of more than $2 million a year that would more than offset their rent payment.

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