Cordell Jude Guilty of Manslaughter, Sexual Snub Leads to Prison Sentence, and More

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  • Cordell Jude guilty of reckless manslaughter

  • A jury found Cordell Jude guilty of manslaughter, but not guilty of second-degree murder, for the 2012 shooting death of Daniel Adkins in Phoenix. The incident happened in a Taco Bell drive-through, as Adkins was walking his dog. As Jude was pulling out of the Taco Bell, he nearly hit Adkins before slamming on the brakes in time. Adkins yelled at Jude, and Jude -- whose pregnant girlfriend was in the passenger seat -- said Adkins came after him with some sort of metal pipe before he shot him. No such pipe was found. He faces a possible prison term ranging from seven to 21 years when he is sentenced on January 8, 2014.

    Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery issued a statement on the conviction, saying, "Despite the defendant's assertion of self-defense, his actions did not meet the narrow provisions under Arizona law which allow citizens to use deadly force when immediately necessary to protect themselves against another's use or attempted use of unlawful deadly physical force. Today's verdict also demonstrates the jury's dedication to weighing all the evidence to reach a conclusion about the specific crime to convict the defendant of."

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