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County GOP Chair A.J. LaFaro Wants His Own Cult, and Puente's Carlos Garcia Gets a Reason to Vote

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I just returned from a visit to my home state of North Carolina, where vicious Tea Party Republican Thom Tillis is about four points behind incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Kay Hagan, according to an average of recent polls by RealClearPolitics.com, which rates the race a tossup.

Obama's negatives are high in the Tar Heel State, as they are in the other states where Senate seats are in play. In such races, GOPers are linking Dems to Obama every chance they get.

So, as much as I personally would like for Obama to use his executive powers to offer some relief to an immigrant community living in fear, doing so a couple of weeks after November 4 makes sense to me.

I agree that both Obama and the Democratic Party he leads have betrayed Latinos time and again by playing Bad Santa, promising a bountiful Christmas and delivering Ash Wednesday instead.

In this regard, the recent protest of the Arizona Democratic Party Headquarters by the pro-­immigrant group Puente certainly is understandable.

During the demonstration, Puente blasted the Democrats as the "deportation party." And Puente organizer Carlos Garcia, who has suggested a boycott of the election, explained to videographer Dennis Gilman why Latinos don't show up to vote as much as Anglos and African­-Americans do.

"Latinos don't vote," Garcia told Gilman, "not because they don't want to or they're stupid or for any other reason. They don't vote because they have nothing to vote for."

Garcia is a smart guy, but that last line is asinine.

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