County Supervisor Fulton Brock Lied to Police About Knowing of Wife's Sexual Abuse of Teenage Boy, Report Shows

If there was any doubt that Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock knew about the sexual relationship his somewhat-estranged wife, Susan Brock, was having with a teenage boy, a report released today by the Chandler Police Department clears that up.

As New Times has noted, Supervisor Brock, his wife, the parents of the teenage victim, and officials with the Mormon Church met in October of 2009 to discuss suspicions that Susan Brock was having a sexual relationship with the victim.

According to the CPD's heavily redacted 26-page report, on the day of his wife's arrest, when asked what "the gist" of the meeting with church officials was, Brock told a Chandler detective that he was "so reluctant to say anything that would implicate my wife. We did have a meeting with [the victim's parents] several months ago, and [the victim's father] did give me an iPhone he said was either my daughter's or my wife's. That's all I know. I'm pretty much in the dark on this stuff."

Brock then reiterated that he "did not want to implicate his wife."

However, Brock's claims that he was "in the dark" about the relationship between his wife and the boy didn't pass the smell test for the detective.

In his report, the detective writes, "The statement that Mr. Brock made of being 'completely in the dark' is inconsistent."

The detective notes a conversation he had on December 15, 2010 with Troy Hansen, a bishop at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, who said Fulton Brock had been informed by Bishop Mathew Myers that Susan Brock had admitted to him that she'd performed oral sex on the victim on at least two occasions.

The conversation where the Bishop told the county supervisor about his wife felating the boy took place on October 12, or October 13, the report states. Susan Brock wasn't arrested until October 26, which means her county supervisor husband knew about the affair for at least two weeks before he was contacted about it by police.

We say "at least" because even though Supervisor Brock doesn't want to talk about the 2009 meeting with church officials, the detective cites the meeting as a reason he finds the county supervisor's claim that he was "in the dark" about the relationship to be "inconsistent."

In the report, the detective writes that the victim's father asked Susan Brock "if she was having 'sexual relations' with [the victim]. [The victim's father] told me that he asked Susan Brock directly in front of Fulton Brock."

Aside from probably knowing about the affair at least a year before Susan Brock's arrest, in the days leading up to her arrest, it appears Fulton Brock was trying to help his wife prepare for a meeting with someone recommended to them by attorney Larry Kazan to discuss the sexual relationship with the boy.

The day Susan Brock was arrested, she told the arresting officer that it was his "lucky day" because of some incriminating notes in the front seat of her car. The notes were titled "History."

At the top of the page, there were a "series of questions, presumably for a person Susan Brock was going to meet with," the detective notes.

On the third line of the note, the report states, were the words "how much might we cover in an hr?" Under that line, were three questions:

"Mr. Larry Kazan said we could do hr. billing. Your rate is____?

"Intake treatment SLC goal. Avoiding prison goal. Putting life order keeping family together.

"[Redacted] mother, daughter, girlfriend, extorteda..

"Mentally insane defense [redacted]?

"Any sexual felony difference intercourse or fellatio minor?"

The detective concluded that "after reviewing the document and looking at numerous documents signed by Mr. Brock, I believe that the letter was hand-written by Mr. Brock and the writings were instructions for Susan Brock with pointed questions she was to ask of a lawyer."

Authorities then compared the note to handwriting samples taken from Fulton Brock. He could not be ruled out as the author of the note.

In his conclusion of what Supervisor Brock knew of the affair, the detective writes that "although Mr. Brock authoring this letter may not rise to the level of probable cause, it does refute his statement that he did not learn of his wife's relationship with [the victim] until October 26, 2010."

Fulton Brock clearly knew more than what he initially told police. However, the Chandler Police Department tells New Times there is currently no criminal investigation into the county supervisor

The CPD says its focus is now on Brock's daughter, Rachel, who is accused of having sex with the same teen boy her mother sexually abused, and on Christian Weems, a friend of Susan Brock's who allegedly helped destroy evidence in the case.

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