Daniel Hall Is Bad at Picking Tattoos, Is Also Bad at Breaking Into Buildings, Allegedly

It's not immediately clear what's worse -- 23-year-old Daniel Hall's taste in face art, or his alleged burglary attempts on Tempe's Mill Avenue this weekend.

Hall allegedly had a "jimmy tool" to pry open doors, but apparently didn't quite know how to use it, as people watched him fail to break into a restaurant that's not even open, and the City of Tempe's HR building, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

The documents say Hall then went with a box cutter to cut a hole in a tarp on the patio of My Big Fat Greek Restaurant -- which closed after a grease fire in March, and is currently being remodeled.

Hall, who apparently hasn't been on Mill in a while, told witnesses that there were seven TVs in the patio area that he was going to get, according to the documents. Believe it or not, police say Hall got zero TVs.

Cops pulled Hall out of the enclosed patio, but Hall said he was just in there to get his bag, which he claimed he had left in there a few days prior -- when he was taken to jail for another charge.

Police checked out this claim, and no, Hall actually left his bag outside of the restaurant like five minutes before that. His bag also contained the burglary tools, earning Hall another felony charge, according to the documents.

After being arrested, Hall made another poor decision, and allegedly told a witness that she "better run and hide."

He also threatened to kill detention officers at the jail, according to court documents.

For all this, Hall's facing two felony charges, and four misdemeanors.

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Matthew Hendley
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