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Danny's Family Car Wash Owner Danny Hendon Not Named in ICE Indictment

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As a result, states the indictment, "On or around April 25, 2011, DFC's general counsel submitted a signed certification letter to federal authorities indicating that as of April 23, 2011, DFC had terminated the employment of all 942 employees listed..."

And that's when, according to ICE and the U.S. Attorney's Office, the conspiracy to rehire those individuals began.

The indictment reads:

"Soon after `terminating' the unauthorized employees in April 2011, DFC began rehiring many of the same individuals under new identities.

"In many instances, DFC's managers affirmatively assisted the employees in procuring identification documents and other personal identifiers that belonged to third parties (e.g., supplying employees with names, social security cards and numbers, and/or driver's licenses that belonged to others) to facilitate the rehiring "

The indictment details several incidents where managers allegedly helped and/or approved of unauthorized employees using the identities of others to work, sometimes going so far as to procure false identities and create false documents.

In one case, two managers supposedly took a photo of a wannabe worker, "electronically sending the picture to a document vendor."

Shortly afterward, the vendor delivered a fake driver's license and fake Social Security Card to a manager's home. The manager and the worker then traveled to an unnamed "professional employer organization," where federal I-9 forms and other employment forms were filled out under the assumed name.

In another case, one woman supposedly was using the fake identity of another. Then the true owner of the identity demanded that the worker stop.

The worker informed a DFC manager, who told her she could keep working by "borrowing" a stolen identity that DFC just happened to have on file.

The indictment also purports to have documents where a manager refers to an employee by his real name, while the employee continues to work under the name of another.

On and on it goes, and to tell the truth, it all looks very familiar if you are acquainted with some of the cases in Maricopa County Superior Court where undocumented workers have been charged with ID theft and held nonbondable for months on end.

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